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  • University of Oxford: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)

  • North Halifax Grammar School: A-levels - Mathematics A*, English Literature A*, German A*, History A

Biography & Interests

I've just finished Oxford University, having read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Beyond my academic interests, I’m an avid reader and a keen follower of football and rugby. At a younger age I was an enthusiastic amateur rugby player, but the brutalities of the game forced me to retire to a bicycle; I try to undertake a few cycling tours each summer, with recent highlights including the tropics of Scotland’s east coast and the green pastures of western Ireland. In a previous life I worked as a stable boy near Frankfurt, so I speak a little bit of German.

Experience & Approach

I began teaching over seven years ago and have since helped to prepare students for exams ranging from the 11+ to university statistics papers. I strive to create an open, relaxed environment in which the child can feel happy stretching themselves without the fear of making mistakes, and I believe the gold standard of good mentoring to be the promotion of the child’s confidence in engaging with their education.


"Michael is a great fit for T I think. They seem to get on very well and he is encouraging and supportive of T which I am grateful for." Mother of 12-year-old boy, December 2017 

"It's a relief on my part to have someone like Michael to bolster R as he has had a confidence dip this term." Mother of R, January 2018 

"E felt he learnt a lot from Michael and we enjoyed having him here." Mother of E, April 2018 

"He was EXCELLENT and an enormous help for W." Mother of W, June, 2018 

"We were very impressed with Michael. He struck up a good relationship with the children and was very thoughtful and calm in dealing with them and encouraging them and they responded well. It was great to be able to benefit from his broad knowledge of the academic system to help guide us and he was extremely helpful in helping provide follow up work for both of them. We will definitely look to use him again." Father of Year 9 boy, September 2018