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"Oppidan Education has the approach to school selection and preparation which private schools have been waiting for."


Eton College Tutor for Admissions 2009-2014

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Selecting the right school or university for your child is often a daunting task. We realise that parents will always want the best for their child and so our aim is to manage expectation accordingly. Implementing a more realistic attitude to schools’ advice for our clients is a huge factor in Oppidan’s success. 

Our personal and honest approach to schools’ advice marks Oppidan Education out as the academic consultant of choice for both domestic and international clients.


Vicente Alvarez-Valdes and ASTEX of Madrid have been responsible for educating over 10,000 students in the UK, USA and across Europe. Vicente's experience includes relationships with a wealth of schools and universities worldwide. Founded 30 years ago, ASTEX works with its Spanish clients to advise and assist with placements abroad. Oppidan are delighted to work in partnership with ASTEX on the UK side of their business.

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We provide a comprehension academic assessment of your child to help determine the right programme of study for the future. This allows our mentor to focus his or her programme of study according to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our bespoke assessment involves an academic test in Maths and English followed by an interview with one of the directors. This can be done at your home or equally well in the office. 


Central to Oppidan’s mentoring system is a commitment to each child. Our constant feedback to the family ensures that the plan is kept to and carried out accordingly. Our academic consultants are dedicated to the sustained and long-term development of your child. 

The procedure that our mentors follow ensures that contact is made after every lesson to update the parent on the child’s progress. A monthly report is also sent to the client to ensure that the family is kept in tune with what the mentor has been working on.