The Peligoni Club

Oppidan partner with The Peligoni Club, a boutique beach club in Zakynthos, providing revision sessions and group study clubs over the May Half-Term.


Astex send over 3,000 children from Spain to schools in the U.K each year. We are delighted to work with them providing services relating to university preparation and application.

WE Schools

Challenging young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion, Oppidan partners with WE Schools that empowers children with the tools to take action.

The Mustique Company

Oppidan works in collaboration with The Mustique Company, running educational events and revision clubs for families and children on the island.


Cypher Coders

Cypher Coders inspires children to learn the language of the future. Oppidan are delighted to work with Cypher Coders at Second Home, Holland Park.

VC Consultants

Oppidan has forged an exciting partnership with Victoria Clarke to provide the most complete service relating to US College applications.

Children & The Arts

Our charity of the year, Children & The Arts, tackles inequality through sustained arts experiences for children.