Our mentors provide a nurturing and trustworthy support system for a child. Our emphasis on natural empathy is a vital characteristic in our choice of employee, and for many of our clients, we form a bridge between family and teacher. The value of education is rooted in the formation and development of one’s own character and an appreciation of this lies at the core of successful mentorship.

SARAH CHARTERS is a great support to our mentoring team and we are thrilled to have her on board. 

Sarah has worked in independent schools since 1997, becoming Vice Principal at MPW London in 2007. She was educated at the University of Cambridge, where she read Modern and Medieval Languages for Part I of the Tripos and Law for Part II. She has extensive experience within the independent sixth form sector and is therefore well versed in all aspects of university applications. She can assist with applications for any subject with special expertise in applications to Oxford and Cambridge. She has authored four editions of the Trotman guide “Getting into Oxford and Cambridge.” Her area of expertise is working with teenagers, offering them long or short term support throughout their time at school. This includes advice on subject choices, academic progress and the important process of applying to university. 

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She has considerable experience of helping students who find school a challenge and who may subsequently be under-performing.  This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as a lack of motivation, studying the wrong subjects, difficulties within the family or, perhaps, in more serious cases, mental health issues. Sarah is adept at listening carefully to the student and the parents in order to ascertain what is required from the mentoring service. She will, additionally, liaise with the school if appropriate and necessary, but only ever with your permission of course.

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