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  • Durham University: Masters in General Engineering 2:1

  • Radley College: A Levels: Physics A*, Design Technology A*, Maths A, Geography A

  • Guest lecturer (Durham University)

Biography & Interests

I currently work in the world of Architecture and Engineering having graduated from Durham University in 2016. I am passionate about design and spend most of my time designing buildings all over the world! Prior to University, I studied at Radley College where I balanced a huge amount of extra-curricular activity with my academic studies, from theatre to sports. In my spare time, you’ll typically find me cycling around London armed with coffee and camera seeking out some of London’s finest Architecture!

Experience & Approach

I have experience mentoring pupils of all ages at a variety of academic levels, primarily in Maths and the Sciences. I enjoy crafting my style to suit that of the pupil in order to maximise output, and my technique aims to pull the problem out of the page and into a more rational idea that is easier to understand. Typically, my style involves a lot of visuals and kinesthetics to compliment the nature of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. I believe in asking plenty of questions as this helps confront the problem at hand. Given my Engineering experience, I am well placed to assist with UCAS applications for STEM subjects as well.