Patrick.Rogers mentor with Oppidan education london.jpg


  • Durham University: Engineering, 2.1

  • Radley: A Levels: Physics A*, Maths A, Design Technology A*, Geography A

  • College Prefect


I have recently graduated from Durham University with a Masters in General Engineering, a subject I am passionate about. Prior to this, I studied at Radley College where I gained straight A/A*’s at A-Level. You’ll typically find me cycling around London on the weekend armed with coffee and camera seeking out London’s finest architecture. 


I have experience mentoring pupils of all ages at a variety of academic levels, primarily in Maths and the Sciences. I enjoy crafting my style to suit that of the pupil in order to maximise output, and my technique aims to pull the problem out of the page and into a more rational idea that is easier to understand and visualise. I believe in asking plenty of questions as this helps confront the problem at hand.