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  • Y Combinator: Startup School

  • School of Economics, Fudan University Shanghai: MSc Economics

  • Pantheon Sorbonne University Paris: MSc Economics

  • Barnard College, Columbia University: BA Economics (Dean’s List)

Biography & Interests

Throughout my life, the mentorship of others has made all the difference in improving my abilities and opportunities. As a result, I'm always excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge with others! I was born and raised in Norway to Chinese parents, but have spent my adult life living in the US, UK and China. In my spare time I enjoy  hiking, yoga and cooking. In a past life I also danced professionally and continue to enjoy ballet. 

I have spent most of my professional career in the technology industry. First working as an investor, then as an economic researcher at the United Nations (UN) and now as a founder of a technology startup that is supported by UBS and RedBull. As part of that, I’m also a mental health therapist. 

Experience & Approach

Since embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, I have been woking as an Oppidan mentor, specialising in maths, economics and building statistical models. I also work on building resilience and have experience with conducting US university interviews. I have had 12 jobs with Oppidan thus far and have taught over 200 hours with Oppidan - my particular focus is Maths and Science from 11+ through the 13+ Common Entrance exams, GCSEs and also A Levels. I am currently working on preparing teenagers for life at university and have just finished helping an Economics and Science mentoring job.

I am particularly excited about the prospect of mentoring economics, as my academic, business and research experience from the UN informs theoretical concepts with a real life grounding. After all, it is real life that brings theoretical models to life!

For me, what’s exciting about the content taught in the classroom is that it helps us better dissect and understand the world around us. I believe that theory starts to come to life through the stories of its creation and discovery. The application to the real world brings understanding and the flowering of wisdom.


“She loved the way you explained maths - it was an eye opener for her!” Mother of GCSE student, February 2019

“He found Regina very helpful especially on drilling down the details of the longer questions and enjoyed meeting her.” Mother of GCSE student, June 2019