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  • University College London: Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics PhD (in progress)

  • University College London: MSc in Robotics and Computation (Distinction)

  • University of Washington: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science with Major in Physics, Minor in Mathematics

  • Harvard University (SSP): Mobile Robotics & Embedded Programming and Neurobiology

Biography & Interests

I am currently working towards a PhD in Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics where I am looking at the use of proprioception and prosthetics in the treatment of neuropathic pain. Outside of the PhD I am a post gradate teaching assistant for computer science and a supervisor for the UCL Eurobot Robotics team.

I often spend time at the theatre. This year I’ve seen about a dozen west-end shows, sometimes with friends and family and sometimes on my own. I find the creative expression that often comes from experiencing the theatre an enjoyable contrast to my science-heavy life. 

Experience & Approach

I have been working with Oppidan for the last 18 months and have been specialising in preparing students for their GCSE and A Level Maths exams as well as one student’s Computer Science A Level. I have a broad range of experiences mentoring which began at the University of Washington where I was a maths tutor for two years. I have helped mentor students in understanding fundamental mathematical and engineering principles so that they could apply it to a given engineering project. I believe that bad grades do not equate to lost opportunities nor the loss of achieving whatever individuals want from life. It takes patience, effort and understanding to both succeed and convince someone else that they can succeed too.


Reni is brilliant! She has gone above and beyond what any tutor I have ever had has done, in terms of going through my past exam papers, making me revision packs etc. Thank you so much for putting us in contact with her.” A Level Student, November 2018

“Reni is a gifted teacher and a fantastic role model. I could not speak more highly of her at all. My daughter looked forward to her lessons with Reni and she was an inventive and creative teacher making sure to understand exactly where my daughter's weaknesses lay. She was flexible about lesson times and went out of her way to fit my daughter in, and really got the best out of her.” Mother of A Level Student, June 2019

"I just wanted to say that whatever happens on results day Oppidan and Reni have done a fantastic job. Reni seemed to be able to get into M’s mind and teach her like no one has ever done before. We can’t thank you enough for finding her for us . I think what I was most delighted with was that M looked forward to and loved the lessons." Mother of 19-year-old, July 2019

“You are off to a remarkably good start with her. Your insight into her strengths and challenges is sharply on target and your strategy of consolidating her Maths foundations while simultaneously working on increasing her pace is very effective.I have no doubt that you will firmly steer her to gain speed through practice and problem solving strategies.” Mother of Y10 student, October 2019