• University of Edinburgh: MA in History (Hons) 2:1

  • McGill University, Canada: International Exchange

  • Radley College: History, English, French, Spanish

Biography & Interests

I grew up in London, and it is good to be back after spending five years criss-crossing Northern and Eastern Europe as a journalist. My reporting has ranged from on the ground coverage of frozen conflicts and revolutions, to investigating floating cow farms, or getting to the bottom of who really invented Christmas trees.

Beyond reporting, my time up in Arctic climes has given me a strange fondness for cross country ski marathons, which I still train for in London’s parks, on a preposterous set of roller-skis.

This is all a trajectory I could never have imagined back when I was a student poring over history books in a quiet library chair in Edinburgh or Montreal. Yet the fact I have been mentoring along the way would not have prompted any gasps of surprise from my younger self. At school, I was an active community service volunteer at a nearby Primary; and my first role after leaving was as an assistant teacher at Ludgrove School. Following on from that, I’ve interspersed my studies and my journalism with mentoring in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, the UK and elsewhere.

Experience & Approach

For me, mentoring is about encouragement. It has often amazed me how much people can do for themselves and for others once they have the confidence and sufficient motivation to carry things through.

I sympathise with anyone who claims that much of education can seem dull or pointless in our world of vast and sweeping social and technological change. But I also do my best to prove otherwise. Nothing in life is inherently boring or useless, especially education.

It is just about discovering the best angle to approach a daunting subject in a way that renders it interesting and intriguing and relevant to how you wish to live your life.


“Richard was only with us for a couple of days but he left a legacy of how to work behind and that has been really valuable to my son. Richard helped with essay technique and they worked hard on areas that Sam struggled with. He was a pleasure to have him staying with us and he has continued to support Sam via email.” Mother of A Level student, April 2019

“Richard showed a high sense of responsibility and professional ability in the process of training my son. Especially in the face of complex and relatively in-depth themes, he would try to teach child to understand the more difficult abstract things in a simple way. He would do a lot of preparatory work before class, and would make a detailed and in-depth summary of the child's situation after class. Richard's course content is very fulfilling, child can learn a lot. We hope that my son have the opportunity to continue to study with Richard.” Mother of 11-year-old, June 2019