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  • Oxford University: BA English Language & Literature 2:1

  • Oxford University: Masters of Studies in English Literature 1st (Distinction)

  • North London Collegiate School: A-Levels – History A*, French A*, Drama A

  • Highest mark in English Pre-U (D1) in the UK 2012

  • Part of the Corpus Christi University Challenge Team 2015

Biography & Interests

I am twice-graduated from Oxford University, for both my BA in English Language and Literature at Christ Church and in my master’s in English Literature at Corpus Christi College, specialising in the period 1550-1700, where I graduated top 10 in my year with 100% first-class papers. My particular interests are in Shakespeare and John Donne, but I also took non-period papers in T S Eliot and contemporary fiction. 

During my time at Oxford I took part in a cappella singing, edited the student newspaper and acted. I was also selected to be part of the Christ Church University Challenge team. Before university I attended North London Collegiate School, where I did French (A), History (A*) and Drama (A*) at A Level, as well as Pre-U English (D1), achieving the top result in the UK in 2012. Outside my studies, I have always been passionate about food, cooking, music and theatregoing, and as a teenager spent most weekends riding and competing my horse. Before coming to Oppidan, I worked full-time in children’s publishing. 

Experience & Approach

I have been mentoring with Oppidan for three years now and have completed over 500hrs of mentoring. Having previously tutored more conventionally, I was very taken with the approach Oppidan takes to learning: not only strong academic guidance, but support for a child's intellectual wellbeing, self-confidence, articulacy and appetite for knowledge. I have mentored in a range of subjects, including History, French, Maths and, of course, English, as well as copy editing, essay writing skills, and UCAS applications. My strongest suit is GCSE, A Level and university preparation, especially Oxbridge entrance. However, I’ve had lots of experience with 11+ admissions, where I guided applicants through the English, Maths and interview admissions processes, having been through plenty of them in my time.

I aim to encourage a broad and rich approach to learning, going beyond the syllabus irrespective of the end goal (be it public exams, school entrance, or homework help). I have mentored children working on their aspirations, goals, targets and dealing with problems as and when they arise, providing a source of support and direction outside but working with the family.


"Rosalind was lovely, and an excellent match for D. The gales of laughter we heard erupting from their work room were testimony to how enjoyable the session was, and D was very complimentary afterwards about her knowledge and the usefulness of the Short Leave time invested. We will almost certainly want to ask Rosalind to come back early in the Christmas holidays." Mother of A-Level English student

“We are delighted and so happy with all the help and hard work from Ros - a real inspiration for J.” Mother of J, September 2018

"Rosalind and G got on very well. I think they will remain friends hopefully - a great match on your part.” Mother of G, January 2019

“Ros has a very nice friendly approach that J certainly responded to and the fact she is local and knows R’s school [and our street] helps too...J was on a high afterwards, said she had a ‘brilliant’ time and definitely wants to see her again – all of her concerns appear to have vanished.” Mother of J, February 2019

“Throughout these sessions, Rosalind has built a bond and trust with C by being comforting and giving useful advice. C is doing great at school but she has been so stressed out because she is always pursuing perfection and is so sensitive. We hope Rosalind can continue to providing relief for C’s stress from studying by having comfortable conversations together and giving useful tips to C.” Mother of 13-year old girl, April 2019

“Rosalind is being an amazing mentor to C, and from what I've heard, she has been extremely helpful in various ways, but especially in the way of providing a place for C to rely on. Both C and I are so pleased and grateful with everything she has done as well as the progress that C has made due to Rosalind's positive influence.” Mother of Year-9 girl, July 2019