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  • University of Oxford: History 2:1

  • Wellington College: IB 44, full marks in Higher level subjects - English 7, History 7 and Philosophy 7

  • Marshal Scholar, Head of House, Deputy Head of College at Wellington College

Biography & Interests

I graduated from Oxford University in 2017 with a BA in History. I am passionate about teaching, and as a mentor focus on fostering a love of learning that goes beyond working with textbooks and the syllabus. I studied at Wellington College under Anthony Seldon where the style of teaching was focused on fostering an independence of learning, and integrating the arts and creativity into studying, which I hugely enjoyed. During my time there, I was the Marshal Scholar, Head of House and Deputy Head of College and went on to achieve 44 Points at IB with full marks in Higher Level Philosophy, English and History. Aside from mentoring and academics, I work as a professional Theatre Director in London and most recently as Associate Director for The Big House Charity based in London, working with care leavers and young people at risk.

Experience & Approach

I have worked as a mentor for more than 4 years and my experience spans working with young prep school students, focusing on their study skills and approach to learning, to working intensively with older students in their final years of GCSE, A Level and IB, to preparing for University, including Oxbridge interviews. My focus is on the humanities, particularly History, Philosophy, English and the Arts, ranging from school entrance exams to IB studies. My style of mentoring is to tailor the sessions around the needs of the student, integrating what they are passionate and excited about into their studies. I hope to create a sustainable model of studying for my students that is focused on realising their potential through building confidence and independence.

My work as a theatre director has also equipped me with advanced communication and teaching skills: I have extensive experience working with students who might have low confidence, poor engagement in the classroom, or find it difficult to concentrate or to work in school environments. I have ample experience working with young people of different behavioural and emotional needs. As a mentor I also specialise in study skills, revision technique, debating and interviews.


"Sammy was very easy to have around, was absolutely no bother, slotted in to the chaos here very easily. As far as mentoring went - she was kind, interested, interesting, kept the show on the road in a nice way - enough breaks etc. but plenty of work. Perfect for F who will hopefully go back to school re-booted after the long summer holidays!" Mother of A-Level Student, September 2018