Sonny Coduri-Fulford mentor with Oppidan education london.jpg


  • Currently at Edinburgh University studying Medicine

  • Wellington College: IB: 42


I am currently in my second year studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh. I love the sciences but also enjoy delving into the humanities and social sciences behind medicine. Before this I studied the International Baccalaureate diploma at Wellington College (2012-2014), where I was deputy head boy. I thoroughly enjoy running (I raced the Edinburgh Marathon in 2016) and listening to music. I also love to travel; I went to China for 4 months in my gap year, where I worked at a school as a teaching assistant. I also taught First Aid in Tanzania for the charity First Aid Africa, in Summer 2016. 


Through my experiences of tutoring students in China I discovered that developing rapport is a necessity for students to get the most from mentoring sessions. Doing ‘schoolwork’ outside of the classroom can be a massive chore for students so it is my aim to make sessions as fun and interesting as possible. I want to help students tackle problems using many tools which wouldn’t have been tested in class. I hope that I will cover important curriculum in an engaging way, ensuring students have a firm understanding of what they need to know for exams. With this I also hope students will develop a holistic mind-set to approach academia with throughout their educational careers.