• University of Edinburgh: English Literature 2:1

  • University of Virginia: English Literature Erasmus Year

  • St Edward's School: A Levels - English Literature A*, Geography A*, Ancient History A, Modern History A

Biography & Interests

It was very unlikely that I would grow up to study English Literature at University. Until around the age of 15 or 16, I was severely dyslexic. It seemed as if words were literally running off the page, and the frustration caused by this drove me to other subjects. By chance, or perhaps more fairly - because I had a good teacher - I was introduced to the poems of Phillip Larkin. The condensed verse was like a puzzle which my problem-solving mind could obsess over. Each page presented a snapshot of the world, and unlikely as it may have seemed at the time, each word prompted feeling.

Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2018, I have pursued a number of interests. I write; I have started my own website, which is a platform for other young writers like myself. I volunteer; recently I have joined The Doorstep Library, a worthwhile cause through which volunteers like myself help young children on underprivileged estates to read, bringing them books and providing support.

Experience & Approach

I think everyone learns in different ways. Personally, I found modern languages very difficult at school, but picking up British Sign Language came naturally to me. That is to say, sometimes a practical or visual method can suit someone, whilst others can benefit from more formal and traditional styles. Although the best style for learning is specific for each person, I believe everyone can benefit from taking the same approach: you should know why you are doing every task. By doing this, expectations can be made, goals can be set, and progress can be measured. No matter how old you are, if a task seems pointless or mundane it is hard to throw yourself into it. Finding motivation and experiencing improvement is key to instilling a love of learning. 


“Saul was fabulous and helpful.  St Paul's was a very strange interview but N found the Eton interview very easy and he was happy he had prepped with Saul.” Mother of Year-6 boy, March 2019