Our initial consultancy session is free and carried out in a relaxed manner with you and your child. Together we work out the most appropriate route through your child's education.


We arrange school visits for the family and provide detailed feedback of the meetings with the schools’ registrars. It is imperative that that the child sees the school first before applying in order to make an informed decision. We offer our own recommendations only after gauging a family's impressions first. 

Based on these visits, we give detailed feedback of the child’s initial impressions and the parents’ views of each school, and from that, we draw up a suitable list of schools for the family to decide on which to proceed with. 


Oppidan Education has been set up in response to what we perceive as a number of deficiencies in the educational-agency sector, both in dealings with schools and information given to parents. A lot of agencies are poorly informed, over-ambitious with choices for their clients and frequently too direct in their approach with schools themselves. 

Our strong links with the schools of our clients ensures: 

  • The advice we offer is reliable as well as realistic and reflective of their potential.  
  • We provide constant and consistent interaction between the family and the school. 
  • Our advice is up-to-date and relevant; our clients are paired with mentors who are alumni of the relevant school and this makes communication much easier between the schools and the family. 


The interview part of a school’s assessment is often the defining factor in a student’s success or failure. Preparation for interview is of paramount importance and our interview sessions are tailored specifically for the intricacies of each school’s interview process.