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"Oppidan Education has the approach to school selection and preparation which private schools have been waiting for."

Charles Milne

Eton College Tutor for Admissions 2009-2014

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The Oppidan Approach

The pursuit for competitive school places is reaching fever pitch, particularly in an increasingly saturated London market. Parents and children alike are left feeling overwhelmed by their options and anxious about the process.

For well-represented children in the UK or abroad, a child’s current school will be providing first-class advice for your child’s future and the schools to which he or she should be applying. Our aim is neither to conflict with this nor offer our own view as to the merit of this advice.

As a result, the way in which we advise clients on schools and school placements is by working together with schools to help parents manage the process in a relaxed manner. We offer an independent platform of support to those children who are poorly represented by nature of coming from overseas, and for domestic clients, we provide transparent advice within the context of a trustworthy platform with schools.

How It Works


1. Initial Advice

Our initial chat is free and carried out in a relaxed manner with you and your child. Together we work out the most appropriate route through your child's education.


2. Assessment 

We provide a comprehensive academic assessment of your child to help determine the right program of study for the future. This allows our mentor to focus his or her support according to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


3. Feedback

Central to Oppidan’s mentoring system is a commitment to each child. Our constant feedback to the family ensures that the plan is kept to and carried out accordingly.

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4. School Visits & Choices 

We arrange school visits for your child and provide detailed feedback of the meetings with the schools’ registrars. It is imperative that the child sees the school first before or during application in order to make a collaborative decision.


5. Liaising with Schools

Many firms are poorly informed or over-ambitious with choices for their clients and frequently too direct in their approach with schools. Communication with schools is key and we ensure that advice we offer is reliable as well as realistic and reflective of your child’s potential.  

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6. Exam Preparation 

The interview part of a school’s assessment is often the defining factor in a student’s success or failure. Preparation for interview is important and our mentors place great emphasis on the value of this time.