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  • Cambridge University: History 2.1

  • A Levels: Maths A*, History A*, Further Maths A


I graduated with a BA in History last summer, after an amazing three years at the University of Cambridge, and am now studying a Law Conversion Course (GDL) in London. I have always seen myself as a creatively minded, and throughout school, my main extra-curricular interests were in music and drama. My school choir had the incredible opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall and performing as Lady Macbeth at the West Yorkshire Playhouse will also remain a highlight. At university, I took on roles of responsibility both as Welfare Officer for my college, and in chairing a charity for the development of overseas education. Last year, I was lucky enough to visit our education projects in South Africa and see the results achievable by empowering individuals. Outside of studying, I love to cook, I still sing in a local choir, and above all, enjoy spending time with my friends exploring Londonโ€™s plays, art and food!


As a mentor, I have found that engaging with my students on a personal level is as important as engaging with them academically. My experience, particularly in tutoring Maths, has given me the skills to work together with a child towards finding an answer, or exploring a new method, or applying disparate areas of knowledge to solve a problem that initially seems far too scary! Guidance and encouragement are central to my approach, and I believe that finding a sense of achievement in our work is the best way to develop perseverance. Teaching drama at summer schools has also given me skills to inspire creativity and confidence in children. I believe that performance โ€“ whether through acting, music or just speaking in front of people, can allow you to develop the self-worth that also inspires excellence in school. Alongside mentoring Maths, I am eager to share knowledge gained through my degree in History (and the English skills this also requires), as well as my experience of the Oxbridge applications process.