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  • UCL: English Literature 1st Class Degree

  • Bryanston School: A Levels - English Literature A*, History A, French A

Biography & Interests

A true humanities graduate, my interests are various: I am currently working on projects including an art exhibition, showing works of 40 artists on the subject of masculinity and mental health, and a panel discussion investigating ecology and economics. At University I was Editor-in-Chief of SAVAGE Journal, an arts and culture magazine. Acting in a show at the Edinburgh Fringe, last August, has suggested a direction that these different ideas might take in the future – I was reminded of how direct and incisive theatre can be as a way to explore the world we inhabit. Increasingly drawn to this, I am currently co-producing an activist theatre project, which will culminate in a site-specific showcase of female writing in at the 2018 Fringe.

Experience & Approach

Since 2012, I have taught English to students aged from 6 to 20. Lessons have ranged from helping a student to read in English for the very first time to aiding with university dissertations, but I have particular experience teaching GCSE, 11+ and IB English. I am still fascinated by the opportunity books offer to transport the reader to different times, places and ways of thinking: I teach English because I enjoy communicating this, and I believe this enthusiasm makes for stimulating lessons. I think it is vital to create an environment within which a student can throw ideas out and experiment. In this way tutoring can go above and beyond the classroom, finding links between subjects and nurturing curiosity about the world in general. This approach hopes to build the student’s confidence – so often the key to their enjoyment of a subject, and therefore their success with it.