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  • Oxford University: BA in English Literature 2.1

  • St. Pauls’ Girls’ School: A-Levels - English A, French A, Latin A

  • St. Mary’s School, Calne (Academic Scholar)

Biography & Interests

I graduated from Oxford in 2011 with a degree in English Literature. I also work as a film director and have an MA in Directing Fiction from the National Film and Television School.

Experience & Approach

I have over nine years of tutoring experience, working with students from the age of eleven through to those at university. For several years I specialised in Oxbridge applications, helping with interview preparation, personal statements and entrance exams. I ran practice interview days at schools like Marlborough and Bedales, as Head Tutor for the company I was working for at the time. I achieve results with students because I love literature and I am also a huge believer in the tutorial system. It had the most wonderful impact on me as a student at university. I find it very exciting to use it to the same end myself; namely, building students' confidence in their intellectual opinion, which leads to much greater self-confidence in general, through interesting conversations about the texts they are studying. After so many years of teaching I am extremely confident in my ability to improve students' grades as I'm so familiar with the best ways to improve skills of literary analysis, essay writing and exam technique.


"I think she is perfect for T, really enthusiastic, and nicely chatty which is great for him as at 15 not the best at making conversation! I think T really needs to feel that someone is there for him and someone not at school. She has the feel of an older sister which is great." Mother of 15-year-old boy, February 2017

“Sophie was the most fantastic help to us and thanks to her J was successful. She was very clever managing J’s weak spots and then teaching her techniques to overcome them. J so enjoyed their sessions together which made tutoring really easy to deal with. I recommend Sophie completely and am happy to speak to anyone about her.” Mother of GCSE student, August 2016

“Sophie is extremely engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about so many things and importantly is ambitious with this – she will quite clearly go a long way in her own life and she has a wonderful way of infusing this into an intention for others – always gently encouraging to take a step further – never in a pushy way but as if it were an obvious choice because what is to be found around the next corner is so much more captivating than where the expected place to settle for would be.” Mother of 15-year-old, September 2016

"Sophie was wonderful as usual. The kids were very focused and she came well prepared with papers. Definitely allowed me to relax and ski!" Mother of two boys, April 2018 

"N really enjoyed her sessions with Sophie. She said Sophie was extremely nice and very helpful with helping her structure her Personal Statement." Mother of A Level Student, September 2018