sophie T mentor with Oppidan education london.jpg


  • St George's University London: Medicine (in progress)

  • University of Bristol: Psychology 2:1

  • Shrewsbury High School: A-Levels - Chemistry A, Biology A, Psychology A

Biography & Interests

I am currently studying medicine at St George's University London, which I absolutely love. Alongside this I am involved in medical research specialising in two different fields (cardiology and early pregnancy).

I absolutely love food! I cook at home a lot but I also really enjoy trying new restaurants around London. One of the highlights of my year is the food festival in my hometown. I am also about to start a netball club for refugee children (girls more specifically). I think sport is an amazing way to integrate children and to enable them to meet other people with similar experiences to themselves. I am also a keen netball player myself and play with a team once a week.

Experience & Approach

The guidance that a mentor can provide is different from that of a parent or friend. I love being a guiding hand and support to a child. Aside from that, I am really passionate about education and believe that there is so much that can be changed regarding how we teach children to manage the real world.

Almost all the children I have taught have been very long term - generally I have taught students throughout their 2 years of GCSE. I think that this is because I always try to build a relationship with my students that goes beyond simply teaching them the material they need to know. I work on confidence and generally find that most students are competent but lacking in courage and determination!