The intricacies of the UCAS system can be complicated and stressful for any family in the run up to October or January deadlines. Oppidan Education has good experience supporting students through the process of university applications. 

Two aspects set us apart: 

  • Our long-term approach to university admissions helps us advise students on the most appropriate choice of subjects for GCSE, A-Level and IB to achieve their desired course. 
  • The advice that our mentors provide is current and realistic, and reflects the recent changes to university application.


The added pressure of an early deadline and the interview process makes applications for Oxford and Cambridge a more complex procedure. 

Our mentors will:

  • Design a programme of reading material
  • Review the content of the personal statement
  • Help demonstrate concise and well-written English
  • Encourage individuality of expression
  • Prepare the student for the rigours of an interview

Students should aim to be focused and individual. We aim to facilitate an intellectual curiosity that is made clear through grounded evidence of reading and research. 

Below is a selection of mentors from our University Admissions Team who will be able to help your child with his or her application process.