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  • Durham University: BA Hons (2:1) in Theology 
  • Eton College: A-Levels: Theology A*, History A, Spanish A


I founded Oppidan Education in 2016 after 18 months working as a professional tutor in London. After leaving Eton College, I spent six months as an education consultant in Shanghai, advising students on entry into the British school and university system, before graduating from Durham University and taking on a full-time job in the education industry. I am a hugely keen sportsman and the luxury of organised sport at school is something I would love to return to. I am currently undertaking a challenge of running one marathon each year in a different European city.


As one of the few full-time tutors in the UK, my experience of tutoring is commensurate with any family’s expectation of knowledge within this industry. I have mentored students in the UK, Europe, Russia and China at all levels, for exams at 8+ through to A-Level and specialise in preparing children for the 11+ pre-tests. I seek to foster a comfortable environment to learn and to discuss, and a trustworthy platform to deal with and solve problems in subjects that students will undoubtedly have.


"You are incredible with kids. They connect so well and learn easily and very much as a consequence." - Mother of Virginia, 12-year-old girl

“What an incredible young man – Walter is extraordinary! He was fantastic with our daughter and she clearly learnt a lot from him.” - Mother of Year-7 Student

“Walter was an outstandingly good tutor for our ten-year-old boy and helped him at first regain confidence in maths, then latterly prepare effectively for entrance exams. Walter understood our priorities as parents very well from the outset, and had the flexibility to change topic and focus quickly to meet our changing needs. He very quickly built a rapport with our son, 'got' his learning style and worked with it superbly. The work they did together improved our son's maths results dramatically and almost immediately. In addition to the technical learning, Walter also fostered confidence with his encouraging, coaching approach. He has given us consistently useful, detailed feedback and has, in short, been a total pro.” - Father of 10-year-old boy

"What Ed has gained during this process is more important than the results. He was lucky to have such a great mentor and learned a lot from you. He looks up to all of you and takes you as a role model, which is indeed great" Father of Year-6 Boy