1.     Why should I choose Oppidan Education?

You shouldn’t necessarily do so - mentoring isn’t for everyone! What Oppidan offers is a rounded approach to learning through the concept of mentoring that focuses on the soft skills associated with confidence, self-worth and perspective, which we hope, will create longer-term foundations from which to enjoy their education.

2.     What is the difference between a tutor and a mentor?

A mentor is different to a tutor in as much their personality, enthusiasm and engagement they bring to the lesson, as the very content of their lessons. Mentors support children with both academic and pastoral direction.

3.     Are you mentors all DBS checked?

Yes – every mentor has been certified and has been DBS checked.

4.     Who are your mentors?

The purpose of mentoring is to disassociate teaching from the formalities of school. Children should become invested in the idea that education is fun and to be enjoyed and as such Oppidan deliberately does not employ schoolteachers. Oppidan’s mentors are young, enthusiastic graduates with a passion for teaching that they offer alongside their own particular vocations.

5.     How do we choose a mentor for your child?

The tidal wave of tutors in London has made tutors seemingly homogenous in the profiles sent to parents. As a result, mentors are chosen on personality, interests and shared common ground with that particular child.

6.     Is the mentor chosen for my child is qualified to teach him/her?

All our mentors have the requisite experience commensurate with your expectations required to look after your child.

7.     What is the price of an hour’s lesson?

Lessons start from £64/hour and go up incrementally based on the experience of the mentor.

8.     Is V.A.T. charged on top of the lesson price?

V.A.T. is included within the cost of the lesson.

9.     What other costs will there be?

Oppidan Education has an annual membership fee of £240 (inc. V.A.T), which covers administrative costs as well as advice and access to our mentors.

10.  Will I be charged for communication and phone calls with Oppidan?

No – there are no other hidden costs, and time on the phone is not chargeable.

11.   How do I book?

Call the team in the office on 02034093359 for an initial chat or email enquries@oppidaneducation.com.

12.  Where do the lessons take place?

In most circumstances, the mentor will come to your home for the lesson. However, lessons can also take place in the offices. We have even had, from time to time, a History lesson in the Churchill War Rooms or a Geography lesson on The Thames.

13.  Can lessons take place on the weekends?

Absolutely – the majority of our lessons take place after school during the week, but of course if the weekend works for both of you, then that's entirely fine. 

14.  Will the mentor provide teaching resources?

Lessons should very much be guided by what the student would like to cover and it would be worth before the lesson going through the brief to ensure that the mentor can prepare accordingly. Oppidan also has subject-specific materials should that be of interest. 

15.  What happens if I don’t like the mentor offered for my child?

The first lesson with a new mentor should be seen as a trail session to see whether your child is happy. If the match does not initially prove successful, we are very happy to find a more suitable replacement and refund you for the lesson.

16.  Will the mentor provide reports and feedback?

Yes – communication with you the parent is a huge part of a mentor’s role and constructive feedback is given after each lesson. Monthly reports are also written, which come attached to your invoice at the beginning of the month.

17.  How do I pay?

Oppidan invoices all clients on the 1st of every month for the previous month’s work. You then have the option to bank transfer or pay by card via our stripe payment system. You will receive an automated reminder a week later if you haven’t yet settled the invoice.