Oppidan’s narrative remains clear and our aim unwavering: to change expectation as to the merit of one-on-one support and change expectation among children as to the value of their education. If children are able to invest in the idea of their learning, there is no limit to what is achievable.

We believe wholeheartedly in the role of a mentor in a child’s development. Self-worth, confidence and inner motivation form the core objectives behind our ethos that goes beyond the prescriptive confines of exam preparation. Having people who make it their priority to nurture children and keep them grounded is of huge value in an increasingly uncertain world for the younger generation.

Mentoring is the space beyond classroom teaching. It understands the value of education to be rooted in the formation and development of character. It exceeds academic support and allows for the nurturing of principles, skills and values that transcend exam-based teaching, preparing children for the challenges that lie ahead. Dubbed by many as "soft skills", these are, in fact, the hardest and most important. Walter and Henry founded Oppidan Education to promote these core values.



Henry Faber Co-Founder and Director of Oppidan Education

Henry Faber

Co-Founder & Director

Henry was educated at Summer Fields, Head Boy at Eton College and studied Spanish and Italian Literature at Balliol College, Oxford. He has worked as an educational consultant in Madrid and Beijing and as a private tutor and mentor for all ages across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. He is also an actor for stage and screen and other passions include racket sports, Chelsea Football Club and seaside golf. 

Walter Kerr Co-Founder and Director of Oppidan Education

Walter Kerr

Co-Founder & Director

Walter was educated at Cothill House and Eton College before studying Theology at Durham University. He has worked as an educational consultant in Shanghai and has helped pioneer full-time tutoring roles worldwide as a professional tutor for students across the UK, Europe and Asia. He greatly enjoys running marathons across European cities.

Marina Oswald Oppidan Education Client Manager

Marina Oswald

Client Manager

Marina was educated at Moor Park and then Stowe School. Before joining Oppidan she worked in public relations over the past four years with a focus on the lifestyle and hospitality sectors. Marina understands the importance of instilling confidence and happiness in children during the often challenging school years. Her interests include reading, fancy dress parties and exploring European cities.

Felicity McDonald Oppidan Education Marketing and Events Manager

Felicity McDonald

Events Manager

Felicity was educated at Mayfield Girls School before studying Sociology at Bristol University. Having worked in the financial industry for four years, Oppidan’s ethos resonated with her, having used drama throughout her teenage years to help build up her confidence both on stage and in her personal life. Her interests include cooking, travelling and running.


Olivia Buckland

Schools & Partnerships Manager

Olivia was educated in Rhode Island, USA, and at Christ’s Hospital School, UK before studying Education and English at Homerton College, Cambridge. Olivia’s Cambridge degree focused on advances in education psychology and creativity pedagogy. She loves being on the water, no matter the sport and recently had a small role in Disney film, Patrick.


Alex Hogg

Marketing Manager

Alex was educated at Notre Dame before going on to study Sports Marketing at Leeds Beckett University. He has worked in a number of marketing roles in professional sports clubs across the globe and knows the importance of growing a brand. His main interests focus around sport, travel, wildlife & food.


Alice Evans

Client Manager

Alice was educated at The Study Wimbledon and Wycombe Abbey, before graduating from the University of St Andrews with a degree in Art History. She then completed a language course in Paris and worked as a private English tutor for children aged between 8 and 13. She found the role very rewarding and was inspired to carry on working in the education sector. She loves art, running and playing golf.



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I just saw the Head yesterday and they told me, without hesitation, the exact projection you made for our daughter. We are so pleased to have found Oppidan; I knew we had found the best London could offer!

Mother of year-6 student

What Koza has gained during this process is more important than the results. He was lucky to have such great mentors and learned a lot from you all. He looks up to all of you and takes as role models, which is indeed great.

Father of Year-7 Student

Walter has been mentoring my 10-year-old son and prepping him for his senior school interviews. He looks forward to his time with Walter and even asked me if he can continue working with him after the entire exam process over. He leaves feeling even more confident than before. Walter was able to pinpoint exactly what his weekenesses were in such a short period of time and they are working on perfecting everything. I recommend Oppidan and look forward to working with them in the future.

Mother of Year-5 Boy

We all absolutely loved Leonore. She was so adorable, clever, patient and what’s more, the twins would love her to come back in April!

Mother of 16-year-old twin girls


WE LOVE NESSIE - she is utterly charming and utterly perfect for Rose.  Cannot thank you enough for getting them together - a match made in heaven!

Mother of Rose, 17-year-old girl


Oppidan has subtly prepared my son for his Public School assessments without any direct 'interview practice', thereby avoiding the possibility of sounding in any way rehearsed or fake. He always looks forward to his sessions with Henry and never thinks of it as 'tutoring'. I am extremely grateful to Henry for his dedication and talent.

Mother of Year-6 student

Walter's approach was very original as he didn't only focus on solving Maths problems but he turned a small part of the lesson to a discussion about Maths topics and my son really enjoyed and looked forward to his lessons with Walter.

Mother of Year-7 boy

Oppidan completely unfolded English to my son in a wonderful way.  His enthusiasm and confidence have taken new directions since Henry began, seen clearly in his exam results. All of a sudden Shakespeare, W.H. Auden and Hemingway have become part our daily lives.

Mother of Year-6 boy

 We are extremely pleased with Walter's efforts and moreover his manner and organisational abilities. Our son is enjoying his mentoring and this is a great achievement in itself. He is a star.

Father of 13+ student

My son has greatly benefitted from Oppidan’s help throughout his preparation for the Eton College entry examination which resulted in his admission. Henry's enthusiasm and passion for teaching made his sessions enjoyable and stimulating for my son, who views Henry also as a mentor with whom he has developed a lasting friendship.

William, father of successful Eton applicant 

Intellectually brilliant, Oppidan works with passion, energy and rare charisma. Henry has a spontaneous, direct and warm approach. He knows how to talk to them, to inspire them, to gain their respect. Oppidan leads its students through the intricacies of exam preparation with a mature and contagious confidence. Oppidan mixes excellent education with a love for theatre, sport, football - the children can see how 'well rounded' they are, and are definitely inspired. Great role models.

Art executive, mother of Year-6 successful applicant to UCS


I just wish all education was like this - it would make so much more sense and be so much more effective.

Mother of year-4 boy

What an incredible young man! Walter is extraordinary! He was fantastic with our daughter and she clearly learnt a lot from him and found him inspiring.

Mother of Year-7 student


She was charming. Ellie said she was great! Very focused and direct. They got loads done and they seemed to get on well so....all good!

Mother of Ellie, 16-year-old girl


Alex was absolutely great. Very inspiring. Martino adored him. He is charismatic, cool and knowledgeable. Thanks a lot again!

Mother of Martino, 11-year-old boy


I cannot stress how happy we are to have met Henry. He is charming, brilliant, totally professional and has been a wonderful mentor for Eliott. We would recommend Oppidan Education without any hesitation.

Mother of Year-6 successful applicant to Summer Fields & Eton


We wish great success to Oppidan Education. Henry has been and continues to be mentor and guardian to our son Eduardo. We greatly trust his judgement and intelligent care of academic training and educational advice for our son.

The Lord Norman and Lady Elena Foster of Thames Bank

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Henry has been an inspirational mentor to my son who is in his pre-test year. He has been positive and influential, helping him to mature in his thinking, to think outside the box and to organise his ideas in an intelligent and articulate manner.

Mother of Year-6 candidate for Eton & Winchester

Thank you very much for the brilliant guidance and support you have shown Ed over the past two years. You’ve significantly enhanced him as a candidate whatever the end result. He is not over-prepared or over-tutored but simply mentored, and now more confident in himself. He now talks freely to adults about his interests where before he may have shied away from conversation. Ed also counts his mentor as his good friend, a testament to your Oppidan’s unique approach.  

Mother of Ed, Year-6 Student

She really enjoyed her lesson with Imogen today and is looking forward to her next lesson. She went from moaning about it before to looking forward to the next one.

Mother of Nabila, 16-year-old girl

 We are very pleased with Walter. He is an excellent mentor and I cannot speak more highly of him. Moreover our son really likes him.

Father of pre-test student

 Oppidan have been the most wonderful 'find' amongst the sea of agencies out there. Henry is a wonderful mentor, a great coach and inspiring role model to my 10 year old son. Totally original, fun, kind and very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. We are almost sorry that they cannot remain a secret for those in the know, but are sure Oppidan shall be hugely successful…

Mother of Year-6 candidate for Eton, Winchester & Westminster


Walter was an outstandingly good mentor for our ten-year-old boy and helped him at first regain confidence in maths, then latterly prepare effectively for entrance exams. Walter understood our priorities as parents very well from the outset, and had the flexibility to change topic and focus quickly to meet our changing needs. He very quickly built a rapport with our son, 'got' his learning style and worked with it superbly. The work they did together improved our son's maths results dramatically and almost immediately. It also equipped him with very useful mental tactics to bring out his best in the entrance exams. In addition to the technical learning, Walter also fostered confidence with his encouraging, coaching approach. He has given us consistently useful, detailed feedback and has, in short, been a total pro.

 Father of 11+ student


Oppidan has an uncanny ability to motivate young students while pushing them to broaden their perspectives. Our son always looked forward to his Skype sessions.

Nicholas, father of Year-8 scholarship candidate


It was lovely having you to stay and what a great job you have done, Ollie seems on track with his work and really enjoyed having your help. I hope you are around next year!

Mother of 16-year-old


We feel very fortunate to have come across your mentoring. The level of engagement, and depth of experience was significantly greater than any individual we had come across before. My daughter found the sessions well tailored and that you were able to really get into the detail of the subject, giving her much improved understanding. Whatever the results, she benefited hugely from the one-to-one sessions, which were always thoroughly prepared, and delivered with enthusiasm and energy. Communication with me as the parent was also comprehensive. I hope we get the opportunity to recommend you and Oppidan to many people. Thank you for being so inspiring.

Mother of A-Level student


Oppidan produces results. Henry engaged with our son immediately and made learning fun. James went from scoring a 'C' in his English, which was his achilles heel, to an 'A'. Oppidan is adaptable, to make the learning suit the child.  We could not recommend them more highly, however so highly that we guard them zealously!

Parents of Year-4 boy 

Somehow he manages to walk the tightrope between making real progress and maintaining a spirited and fun relationship with his charge. My son has only ever looked forward to his arrival. With L’s school work improving term by term, I have no doubt that this is because of the inspiration and excellence brought to the work by Oppidan.  I feel lucky to have their support.

Bungie, mother of Year-5 boy


‪I was so pleased to find a caring, energetic and stimulating mentor for my son's senior school entrance exams.‬‬ He helped to make learning fun and inspired my son to want to understand concepts, poetry and current events, provoking real interest in learning.‬

Mother of year-6 boy


I am impressed I have to say.  Thanks for letting us know and for your efforts in getting Marcus' written English to this level.  We can't thank you enough!

Mother of Marcus, 15

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