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Children mentored through Oppidan feel empowered, confident and the best version of themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend Oppidan Education to anyone who believes the child should be at the heart of a great education.

Caldicott School

Jeremy Banks, Headmaster

The team were professional, friendly and experienced, and gave the children in Year 6 & 7 a very good interview experience involving poetry, role-reversal and thought-provoking discussion. We have received thorough reports back from the mentors, full of helpful advice for the future, and most useful for the children, staff and parents.

The Dragon School

Mark Edwards, Deputy Head

You provide an incredibly valuable service to pupils and parents.  You were comforting, supportive and challenged the girls to speak proudly about who they are. Parents were hugely impressed. We will definitely use Oppidan Education again.

Redcliffe School

Kristine James, Head of Year 6

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We work with



We believe that an engaging mentor is the route to an engaged child. Oppidan puts pro-social and interview skills at the heart of all our mentoring work, challenging students to discuss, learn, fail and succeed.


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State Sector

In the state sector, pro-social and presentation skills are increasingly understood as a route to success, particularly within the context of transition to senior schools and universities. With teachers under pressure to combine their academic and pastoral roles, Oppidan offers an exciting external opportunity to engage and enthuse students.

Our mentoring days at your school inspire children to perform at their best.

Independent Sector

In the independent sector, pre-test interviews are now a key fixture for Years 5-8. Teachers struggle with logistics, objectivity and engagement in preparing their year group. Oppidan has more than 10,000 hours of experience with this age group and has successfully worked with close to 1,000 children in the UK’s best prep schools in 2018.

Our mentoring days at your school inspire children to perform at their best.




Discuss the school’s needs


Oppidan brings the A Team


Interactive assembly for the year group

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One-on-one session for every student

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One-page feedback for every student


Feedback to the school

What children say

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of children found their Oppidan day useful for their real interview.

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of children are now looking forward to their interview.

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of children feel “a lot more confident” about their real interview.

What teachers say

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of headteachers rate Oppidan’s days as “extremely valuable for their students”.

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of headteachers felt their students benefitted a great deal from their time with Oppidan.

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of headteachers are very likely to recommend Oppidan’s support to other schools.