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“Oppidan Education’s mentoring ethos offers the variety and breadth of education that all schools and all parents should aspire to.”

Tony Little

Eton College Headmaster, 2002-2015

“Oppidan has a completely fresh approach to other players in the market. They ‘mentor the individual’ rather than ‘tutor the child’ which brings much more than exam results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” 

Anya Hindmarch CBE

Fashion Entrepreneur & Oppidan Parent

“Oppidan is instrumental in providing excellent guidance…we can’t speak highly enough of them as role models and feel very reassured to have their support.”

Justin Rose

World No.1 Golfer

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Helping young people fulfil their potential through mentoring programmes, both one-on-one and in schools across the state and independent sectors. 



Our Ethos

Oppidan Education was founded in early 2016 to support schools, parents and children through one-on-one mentoring programmes. Frustrated by shortcomings in the tuition sector, Oppidan was set up to tackle the pressurised, anxiety-driven education market in the U.K. The result has been the creation of mentoring in education as the new and improved form of one-on-one support for children.

Oppidan’s narrative remains clear: to change expectations regarding the merit of one-on-one support both in and outside of schools. Self-worth, confidence and inner motivation form our core objectives behind an ethos beyond the prescriptive confines of exam preparation. Our programmes help children change the capabilities, attitudes and beliefs they have about themselves and their education.

Oppidan Education supports schools, parents and children through one-on-one mentoring and summer camps in London and the U.K.



Oppidan Education has pioneered the concept of mentoring in place of tutoring as the new, improved form of one-on-one academic and pastoral support for children. Our team of mentors provide mentoring programmes to families in person and online, in the UK and abroad.

11+ Pre-Test

Oppidan Education specialises in preparing students for the 11+ pre-tests and interviews. With over 15,000 hours of experience with children this age, our mentoring philosophy provides the right degree of support to help your child look forward to the 11+ pre-test process. 


Oppidan Education works with children and parents to provide educational advice, from school applications through to university entrance. We advise families by working together with schools when required to help parents manage the process for their children.


With senior schools placing increasing emphasis on the interviews and children's prosocial skills, Oppidan's mentoring support has allowed schools to successfully outsource their interview preparation. Oppidan currently works with over 20 schools across the UK.


Here is a selection of our mentors. To learn more about mentoring, click here.










2019 saw the birth of Oppidan Events. They are held on weekday evenings at our quirky office space in Holland Park, between 17:15 - 18:30, and very much emphasise the invisible learning ethic that we look to carry out on our Summer Camps. Each event is hosted by a specialist in their field, with mountains of knowledge and experience to impart on the attendees. They are usually aimed at children but we do also run occasional events where parents are encouraged to attend with their children. Our events are a great way to come and get a taste for Oppidan and how we work.

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