What is a mentor?

For me, a mentor is someone who helps you discover passion for learning: in school and out of it. By delving into what we’re excited about, by exploring our desires and by helping us gain confidence in our ability, a mentor can really help someone to excel and progress.

If I was asked who my mentor at school was, my biology teacher for both lower and upper sixth form (year 12 and 13) springs to mind. He helped me further my passion for science and discover a real enjoyment of the work we studied. We were encouraged to devise our own experiments and think outside of the rigid box of the syllabus, whilst also engaging in educational games which he had devised. This really helped me to feel inspired in the subject, and also motivated me to complete tasks which were required by my curriculum as I knew I could accomplish something. He helped me discover confidence in myself and instilled in me a great desire to succeed. 

I owe a lot to my mentor, and I have really taken his support and guidance with me throughout life: in education and outside of it.

Written by Santino Coduri-Fulford, Oppidan Mentor